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We are a Belgian based company with partners in more than 80 countries.

From shipping trucks upto transporting wind mills.

We provide you the right transport solutions.

Ocean Freight

Experienced staff for the complete shipping transport.


We can assist in all different transports:

such as containerized, conventional, RORO, LCL, IMO, ...

This permits us to always advise you the most cost effective solutions.

We are 10 km away from port of Antwerp and we are daily in the port for checking equipment, delivering documents, picking up imported goods.

Special focus for RORO shipments, check out our page

RORO Shipping Actions

Air Freight

Experienced staff for all airfreight transport solutions.


We mainly expedite out of airport Brussels, which is 50 km from our office.


We can deliver with high priority to any regular airport in the world.

Domestic Freight

We focus on CONTAINER, FTL or LTL transports and make sure your cargo is delivered on time.


In May 2014 we have launched our express service for top urgent enquiries.


​We can assist in any European pre-or on carriage.

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