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Campaign - Baltic

Baltic map.png

Dear Customers, 

We are pleased to inform you that we are the official agent of Mannlines in Belgium and France and so we are your interlocutor through Rotterdam to serve for export and import following ports: Paldiski, Estonia & Turku, Finland.   

From Antwerp, Zeebrugge and Rotterdam, our forwarding department can also reach following ports in the Baltic States & the entire Northern European region - see map enclosed. 
Please find attached a detail of the ports on the map. 

We specialize in all types of Roro capabilities: Cars, SUVs, Jeeps, Trucks, Trailers, Mobile cranes, Construction & Wheeled Agricultural Vehicles. 


We also ship Containers & Breakbulk to all these ports, each time according to the modes outlined by the customer. 


Extra service: Maritime insurance at great prices! 


We look forward to your feedback. 

Belgaco Shipping 

As agent of MannLines 

Oudeleeuwenrui 37 

2000 - Antwerpen 

Connections out of  

Antwerpen – Zeebrugge – Rotterdam 


1.Southampton, UK 

2.Tilbury, UK 

3.Harwich, UK 

4.Killinghomle, UK 

5.Immingham, UK 

6.Liverpool, UK 

7.Dublin, Ireland 

8.Rosslare, Ireland 

9.Bremerhaven, Germany 

10.Cuxhaven, Germany 

11.Husum, Germany 

12.Esbjerg, Denmark 

13.Lübeck, Germany 

14.Rostock, Denmark 

15.Gdynia, Poland 

16.Klaipeda, Litouwen 

17.Paldiski, Estland 

18.Kotka, Finland 

19.Helsinki, Finland 

20.Hanko, Finland 

21.Turku, Finland 

22.Uusikaupunki, Finland 

23.Rauma, Finland 

24.Pietarsaari, Finland 

25.Kokkola, Finland 

26.Oulu, Finland 

27.Kemi, Finland 

28.Malmö, Sweden 

29.Gothenburg, Sweden 

30.Oslo, Norway 

31.Drammen, Norway 

32.Skien, Norway 

33.Tananger, Norway 

34.Haugesund, Norway 

35.Bergen, Norway 

36.Ålesund, Norway 

37.Trondheim, Norway 

38.Tórshavn, Faeroer Island 

39.Polákshöfn, Ysland 

40.Reykjavik, Ysland 

Campaign - North America

MicrosoftTeams-image (1).png

We arrange shipping out of North-West Europe to following most ports of North America.

1 Canada - Halifax / Montreal

2 New York

3 Baltimore

4 Charleston

5 Savannah

6 Brunswick

7 Jacksonville

8 Galveston

9 Altamira

10 Veracruz

11 Santo Tomas De Castillo

12 Puerto Limón 

13 Manzanillo

14 Long Beach

15 San Diego

16 Port Hueneme

17 Tacoma

For more info: please contact us via

Campaign - South America


We arrange shipping out of North-West Europe to following most ports of South America.

1 Asuncion (via Montevideo)

2 Rio de Janeiro

3 Santos

4 Zarate

5 Montevideo

6 Paranagua

7 Manta

8 Callao

9 Iquique

10 San Antonio

11 Santa Marta

12 Cartagena

13 Port of Spain

14 Georgetown

15 Paramaribo

16 Cayenne

17 Guayaquil

18 Puerto Cabello

For more info: please contact us via

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