Age restrictions for export


Angola - dd. 20/04/2018

Port: Luanda

* 6 years on passenger cars, including Small vans and Big vans

* 10 years on trucks and buses as from empty weight of 3,5 tons

* no age restrcitions to be applied on agricultural and industrial machines ( bulldozers, motorgraders,excavator, crushers etc.), boats ...

Brazil - dd. 18/10/2021

Used vehicles and high and heavy roro, prohibited for Import in Brasil, except on temporary basis and except no similar product available on the market. It is clients responsibility via customs broker.

Fire trucks/ambulances are subject to clearance from the ministry of economic affairs for dual use cargoes.

In case of a booking we will require photographs and details of the end user before acceptance confirmation.

Benin - dd. 20/04/2018

Port: Cotonou 

No restrcitions on age

Cameroun - dd. 20/04/2018

Port: Douala

No restrictions on age

Democratic Republic of Congo - dd. 20/04/2018

Ports: Boma, Matadi

* cars, svans up to max. 10 seats -> 10yrs

* vans: utility vehicles and vans exceeding 10 seats -> 7yrs

* all trucks/machinery/heavy vehicles are limited to 10 yrs

Equatorial Guinea - dd. 20/04/2018

Ports: Bata, Malabo

*Cars: 12 yrs from date of first registration at country of origin

*Vans/Minibus : 15 yrs

*Bus: 18 yrs

*Trucks / others : 18 yrs

Egypt - 9/2019

For high & heavy, trucks & machines: no restriction

Passenger vehicles may only be imported up to one year after the date of manufacture.

Gabon - dd. 20/04/2018

Port: Libreville

* Max. 5 years on vehicles

of less than 10 seats and max 3.500 kos 

and public transport vehicles more than 9 seats

* Max. 6 years on goods vehicles over 3.500 kos

* no restriction on special equipment and no motorized vehicles

Gambia - dd. 20/04/2018

Port: Banjul

No restrictions on age

Ghana - dd. 01/05/2019

Port: TEMA


Guinea - dd. 30/06/21

Port: Conakry

Please be advised that the authorities in Guinee will introduce an age restriction for the import of vehicles.

Those ‘in transit’ are exempt.

Effective from a loading / bill of lading date of 15/07/2021


Max 13 years


RHD vehicles remain forbidden.

Ivory Coast - dd. 20/04/2018

Port: Abidjan

Cars/Svans/Bvans : less than 7 yrs

Trucks: less than 10yrs

In practice: only vehicles (c,v,t) of 10 yrs and more are subject to a fine

Libya - dd. 09/04/2019

Ports: Misurata/Benghazi/Tripoli/Al Khums

For cars / small vans / big vans - max 10 years

Liberia - dd. 20/04/2018

Port: Monrovia

* An age limit of ten years

* A punitive tax is introduced for units over 10 years old as per below

- 11-15yrs : 10%

- 16-20 yrs : 20%

- over 20 yrs : Banned

Mauritania - dd. 20/01/21

Port: Nouakchott

No restrictions on age

Morocco - dd. 20/04/2018

Port: Casablanca

No restrictions on age

Nigeria - dd. 20/04/2018

Port: Lagos

* No import of used motor vehicle (cars/svans) above 15 years from the years of manufacture

Republic of Congo - dd. 20/04/2018

Port: Pointe Noire

No restrictions on age

Senegal - dd. 20/04/2018

Port: Dakar

* cars -> 8yrs

* vehicles for personnel transport -> 8yrs

* vehicles for goods transportation -> 10yrs

Sierra Leone - dd. 20/04/2018

Port: Freetown

No restrictions on age

Suriname - dd. 09/04/2019

Port: Paramaribo - Passenger cars max 8 years

Togo - dd. 20/04/2018

Port: Lome

No restrictions on age